Rethinking Home

A resting place for the mind and body, a place to return to after work, and a place to live alone or with someone. It can sometimes be a place where complications and conflicts occur. In the last few years I have reflected upon migration, exile, and the protection of society while spending time in Central Asia and in Southeast Asia, which has a colonial history. Inside the fence or inside the boundaries, it is difficult to ignore the territorial conflicts facing speedy transitions, and for those who are outsiders, home is an incomplete and unsafe place. As we observe absurdities, we compromise and settle or dream of a new entry to another place.

So, I ask the following questions:

1. Where should we live?
2. Is it all right to be here now?
3. Where should we die?

Then, I thought of home (shelter, protection, nest) in the following terms:

1. The necessity we have for physical protection.
2. The necessity we have for psychological stability.
3. The things that don’t exist when we return with nostalgia.

More thoughts and questions follow:

1. Shelter
What kind of space would it be, if you imagined a dream house with complete protection and safety? This place doesn’t just protect you from the things outside (weather, environments, and such), but is also a place for rest and for daydreaming or a place to calm your consciousness and sub-consciousness. How much distance and weight of the current social and domestic areas are in the place where we can be free?

2. Destroyed Fence
If the protecting fence is destroyed or if you are out of the safety zone, how would you protect your home?

3. Exile In and Out of the Boundaries and Building a New Home
In every place, there are those who belong and those who don’t. If you dream of escaping from your current dwelling, where would your next destination be? What kind of exile are you dreaming of? If you can build a new home from scratch, from the foundation, what are its essential elements?

4. The Land
We used to think that we could be away from the world if we went to a distant province, countryside, or other country. These days, except in areas without wiring systems, if you don’t turn off your mobile, computer, or notepad, you are not completely shut off from the world. Regardless of changes in residential area or surroundings, if you are communicating with the same people through online networks, it will be difficult to walk away and start anew away from the world to which you once belonged. What does it mean to relocate nowadays? Even so, if it’s still important to you where you set your foot, and you want to choose the right land to settle in and are influenced by the energy that comes from the land, what kind of land and energy are you looking for?